Best Albums of 1991

The 1990s were filled with greatness, and ’91 kicked it off with a bang

1. Ice Cube – Death Certificate
Cube tackles lists of political issues, addressing everyone from the police to white supremacists.
He reserves nothing for his best album. He also puts blame on black gangs for the problems of the
county. He goes deep- something most people wouldn’t expect from
“Ice” Cube.

Highlight Tracks:
“The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit”
“Steady Mobbin'”
“A Bird in the Hand”
“I Wanna Kill Sam”
“True to the Game”
“No Vaseline” (NWA Diss)

Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill
B-Real leads the all-Hispanic west coast group with great rhymes and unforgettable beats.
DJ Muggs leads the production with beats that are truly “Insane in the Brain”. The album
has song after song of chill music that is still in your face.

Highlight Tracks:
“How I Could Just Kill a Man”
“Hand on the Pump”
“Latin Lingo”

3. Geto Boys – We Can’t Be Stopped
Hip Hop needs groups like Geto Boys that never act too serious but still have great respect. They have
fun music that you can boom whereever you go. It also has the most hilarious album covers ever.

Highlight Tracks:
“Mind Playing Tricks on Me”
“Ain’t with Being Broke”
“Rebel Rap Family”

4. Del tha Funky Homosapien – I Wish My Brother George Was Here
While his cousin Ice Cube was busy on the gangsta rap scene, Del was making a
foundation for what would become a alternative-hip-hop landscape. Del has skill beyond his cousin (Ice Cube)
but in the 91 album he was still finding his voice and forming a brand that is still alive today.

Highlight Tracks:
“Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo”
“Dr. Bombay”

5. Main Source – Breaking Atoms
It is one the most important albums ever, of any genre. The techniques used are still being replicated today.
The sample heavy album highlights the production of itself. It is responsible for countless rap careers of the artists it has inspired.

Highlight Tracks:
“Snake Eyes”
“Scratch and Hit”
“PEace is Not a Word to Play”
“VAmos a Rapiar”
“Live at the BArbque”
“Roger Do his Thing”

6. De La Soul – De La Soul Is Dead
De La Soul’s second album has a different feel and style while still staying true to the original sound.
The trio plays off each other to create another classic album.

Highlight Tracks:
“Oodles of O’s”
“My Brother’s a Basehead”
“Talkin’ bout hey Love”
“Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)”

Honorable Mention:


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