When Fish Ride Bicycles…

The Cool Kids duo consists of rappers Antoine “Sir Michael Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll, the group is based in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. They are known for sound that is similar to the “Golden Age” of hip hop, similar to Rakim and Eric B.

The album starts out with Rush Hour. It has a tight 80’s/early 90’s beat filled with clingy vocal breaks. The chorus has a new age style mixed with a sound unique to The Cool Kids. The production from Chuck Inglish stays on the fine line between gritty and minimal. Some tracks such as Boomin’ and Bundle Up have the outcome of being minimal, with a repetitive drum loop that may make you want to change the track. The album  has the potential to become a influential hip hop staple, but ends up falling short in depth and connection.

The duo still provides solid tracks the boast commercial marketability and feel good vibes. like Rush. With guests of Pharrell Williamsof the Neptunes, and Travis Barker, along with appearances from Bun B, Ghostface Killah, Travis Barker, and Asher Roth the album has added appeal and added volume. The highlight is the outro song Summer Jam, partly because of The Neptune’s production and the fact that The Cool Kids put everything they have on it (as far as lyrical skill) to create their version of a perfect summer jam. Even without large success on the billboard, their songs still have mass appeal for ads, video games and in show music.

Standout Tracks:
Rush Hour
That flip face touchscreen remote controll and all dat, Bass trebble is and it smell like a loud pack. That AC fan, Strawberry airfreshners to mix with the scent (windows way down) shooting free throws for the win
-Chuck Inglish
Two straws is pokin’ out the coconut, I gave her a sip
Showboating, now I’m all in the mix
Only toasting purp weed. Degrees in the high 80’s
‘Fore I even said “Hi ladies”
Said I seen you on Collins, The car you was driving
The lights turned on like eyelids
Summer Jam
Two go in at once
Fresh out the shower and her towel rolling up
I’m in the kitchen cooking lunch business done
Chopping onions turn sauces whipping up
Bar-B-Q’ing barracudas at resorts in Bermuda
She trying on that new bathing suit that she bought at the mall in the
Mirror like, (for your eyes only)
The album’s driving 808 thumps and echo snares can’t save it from the reality that it will fade into the background of the music scene. If you are looking for music for pure enjoyment and not critic analysis, When Fish Ride Bicycles is a must download.

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