Album Review: Legendary Weapons

Following 2009’s Chamber Music, Legendary Weapons is a compilation of Wu-Tang and affiliates, minus GZA.

This album is just what Hip Hop needed in the summer of 2011. Legendary Weapons is a really not a Wu-Tang Clan record, but more like complication album with the Clan members solo songs. The entire album has a classic Wu Tang Clan vibe without their lead producer RZA, but that doesn’t mean the producing is GZA it is just that the second string producers producing do their best to imitate the GZA style. In the absence of the Genius, the other Clan members step up their game with the intricate lyricism that made them famous. Method Man, Ghostface, Raekwon, U-God and Inspecta Deck bring all their game with lyrical skill and catchy sounds: Laidback beats are combined with tricky rhymes

The album’s downfall comes not only from the lack of the GZA, but also the RZA’s sagging performance. It’s common knowledge that the RZA works on many projects at once (Movies, soundtracks, etc.), but he has seemed to have lost the voracious hip hop hunger we’ve seen many times before. His performance was just sub-par throughout; His usual overflow of energy and tenacity is just not present..

Legendary Weapons only runs 37 minutes with 15 tracks; including 4 skits. The Wu Tang Clan is about the only group that can get away with this, seeing as they seem to put out a much greater number of projects than their peers. Sometimes it seems like a song might be watered down by lesser Wu affiliates (or non members), you’ll find that the MCs actually add a great deal to the record. For example, on 225 Rounds, Bronze Nazareth ups intensity of the vibe by more than a few notches.
Die hard Wu-Tang Clan fans may not consider this a real Wu-Tang Clan album because it does not have GZA, but after listening through you will find it does contain the essence the Wu.

Standout Tracks:

The Black Diamonds
My finest hour, you sacrifice to a higher
Power. Fly from the tower, I fly sour
And raw powder, .40 cal give your pal a shower

Laced Cheeba
Broken ankle, fuckin with the Wallabee Clarks
Got them bitches still screamin my name! (Whattup Starks?)
I’m a bone crusher, ox’ll split your face like a Dutch Master
No more mixes polar bears from Alaska

Legendary Weapons
Revolutionary gangster, the will to kill
Everything up, my roots is steel
Do a big time march through the desert and shine
Let the seeds live free while we open the minds

Score: 3.5 out of 5


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